Shade's Pony-a-Day

New day, new pony.

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Anonymous asked: Dayum your work is amazing :3 can you tell me something about you? like, your name and the country where you live in and stuff

Well, thank you very much!!

Perhaps it’s the early nature of the morning, but I’m struggling to come up with a suitable answer! I’m a musician who writes and paints for most of the productive part of the day. I live in the Hague, Netherlands, in a cosy apartment with a slanted roof, halfway resembling a cellar. I like to cook and admire nature, and I try to go to bed each day with maximum creative output, which is obviously not always easy.

I also think that names are only as important as the people around you make them be. As such I think “Shade” is plenty real when it comes to a name. I swear I’m not trying to be secretive about it; this is just how I feel!

Oh, and then there’s the pony thing..